Cabin B4 is a rental cabin at the Izu Pacific Land Resort. It is a simple non-descript two-floor cabin, but it has a deadly past linked to Sadako . It only appears in Ring, but the site where it will be built is also seen in Ring 0: Birthday.


The cabin is part of a series of rental cabins maintained by a resort in Izu for tourists. However, before the cabin's construction, the area was originally a forest containing the well which Sadako Yamamura was thrown into by her father, Ikuma Heihachiro. Sadako remained alive in the well by sheer will for untold time following her death. At one point, she used her Nensha powers to project iamges from her past onto a tape that was being recorded on the VCR in the cabin by one of the residents, a young boy. This created the Cursed Videotape. The tape seemingly remained in the cottage and several people were cursed by it.

The tape was eventually found by Tomoko and her firends when the stayed in Cabin B4. They were also cursed, but the tape somehow was taken out of the cabin and was placed with several other videos tapes available for rental at the resort. Later, during her investigation of the cursed video, Reiko Asakawa found the tape and watched it in Cabin B4, triggering most of the events of Ring.

The cabin itself is not dangerous, but it served as the place where the Cursed Videotape was recorded and watched by Sadako's victims and the well beneath was Sadako's residence until she died and her body was removed. Additionally, for some reason, if the tape is watched in the cabin, phone will ring after the viewer has finished watching it, although there will be no one on the line.



The cabin is a normal cabin identical to others built in the resort. It has two floors, although only the ground floor, containing the living room, is seen onscreen. The living room has stairs leading to the upper floor, a phone, a sofa, a table and a normal TV with a VCR.


Sadako looking into the well as Ikuma attacks her, at the place where the cabin will one day be built.

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Underneath the cabin, however, is the well where Sadako was imprisoned, lived and died. The well is actually directly deneath the floor of the cabin, but can be reached by going into a hollow space beneath the cabin and lifting the lid.

The cabin's number, 4, is special because it is often associated with death in Asian communities, as it sounds phonetically similar to the word for death in Japanese and Chinese. Considering its links to Sadako, it shouldn't be surprising that the cabin got this ominous number.