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Galen Burke is the biological father of Samara Morgan, he made his first real appearance in Rings. According to Evelyn Borden, there was no father, but in reality the father was Burke, a priest who abducted a young Evelyn and kept her in a hidden chamber beneath a bell tower. She was found and taken to the hospital, in which she gave birth to and tried to drown Samara. It is implied the trauma of the rape is what drove Evelyn to believe her daughter was possessed by a sea demon.


Upon the discovery of Samara's remains by Rachel Keller, Burke claims them from the authorities and inters them at Sacrament Valley Cemetery. Until a flood forces him to relocate his daughter's body to his own house.

As Samara's method of killing people is looking into their eyes and causing them to go into fear-induced cardiac arrest, Burke blinded himself so he could not see his daughter. When Samara was once again awakened after thirteen years, Burke's secret came out, and Samara cured her father's blindness so she could kill him herself.


  • The original theory about Samara's father was that he was a sea demon.
  • Since both of Samara's parents were human, it is unknown how Samara gained her powers.