Hiroshi Toyama is one of main protagonists from Ring 0: Birthday. He is portrayed by Seiichi Tanabe.

Biography Edit

Hiroshi is the technician of the Theater Troupe. Not much is known about his life except that. During the examination, Hiroshi was charmed by the performance of Sadako and both initiated a relationship which made Etsuko become jealous. Meanwhile, Sadako manages to heal him just by touching him and later is able to make a disabled man regain his ability to walk. The two confess their love for each other and promise to leave the troupe and live together after finishing their last play. The play is a disaster because Sadako sees her mother and the ESP's reporters, she kills the Troupe members except him, he, Miyaj and Etsuko visits Ikuma once a single individual, split into two beings resembling each of her parents. Before they can kill it, Toyama and both Sadakos escape. Later Toyama appears in Sadako's flashback while she is in well.


  • It is not known if it is true, but everything concludes that the man with the covered face that appears in the images of the video can be Toyama, because the shirt looks alike