Jake Pierce is the main protagonist in the short film Rings, and a minor character in The Ring Two.

Rings (2005) Edit

Tim who will watch the tape when Jake cracks. Eddie, a member, says that no one has ever been able to make it to day seven before cracking, and everyone who did has died. He tells Jake to make sure to record everything he sees. Jake is amazed at what he experiences at first, and Vanessa, another member, says she wants Jake to make it to day seven.

However, Jake's experiences soon turn scary, as he starts seeing visions of Samara suddenly popping up wherever he goes, and has a similar dream that Rachel Keller had from the first film of Samara grabbing his arm, leaving a bruise there. After several more unsettling experiences, he cracks on the sixth day, but Tim refuses to watch the tape. It is revealed that Vanessa is the one who made Tim refuse to watch the tape, as she wants to see what happens on day seven. However, this leaves Jake without someone to pass the curse onto. By the next day, he's become so desperate he tries to play the video on the display models at an electronics store, but is caught and thrown out by a security guard, and knows what the tape does. Jake begins dialing random numbers, hoping to find somebody to show the tape. Finally, he thinks of Emily, a girl he goes to school with. He invites her over without mentioning the video. Before she arrives, he experiences a vision in which Samara arrives and he tries to break the TV, though she comes out anyway. She reaches through the screen on his video camera and the vision ends.

An hour before the deadline, Emily agrees to come, leading to the opening sequence of The Ring Two; Vanessa is seen encouraging Emily by nodding when she is making her decision to go to Jake's.

The Ring Two (2005) Edit

Following the events of the short film Rings, Jake Pierce is on his seventh day as per the tape's rules, and asks his friend Emily to watch the tape. He briefly steps into his kitchen whilst Emily supposedly watches the tape. Jake receives a phone call and initially thinks it is Samara but is relieved to realize it is only his friend with whom he had planned to trick Emily into watching the tape. Suddenly, Jake notices dark liquid pouring from under the kitchen door and runs outside to the living room, only to discover Emily closed her eyes while watching the tape. Jake is then promptly murdered by Samara.