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Koji Suzuki

May 13, 1957



Koji Suzuki (鈴木光司 Suzuki Kōji born May 13, 1957) is a Japanese writer, who was born in Hamamatsu and currently lives in Tokyo. Suzuki is the author of the Ring cycle of novels, which has been adapted into a film series.


Before he wrote his novel Ring, he already published a novel entitled Paradise. His second novel is Ring. According to Koji Suzuki, his got the inspiration to write his novel Ring from the american horror film entitled "The Poltergeist".  After he wrote Ring, it became a bestseller in Japan. Most of his works that is part of the Ring cycle, are adapted into movies. Spiral was also adapted into a film however, it wasn't part of the Ring movie franchise because of it's poor response. He wrote Birthday as his conclusion to the Ring novel series. 

Works Edit

Novels Edit

  • Paradise  (1990) Published in English by Vertical, Inc.
  • Ring (1991) Published in English by Vertical, Inc.
  • Spiral  (1995) Published in English by Vertical, Inc.
  • Death and the Flower (1995) Published in English by Vertical, Inc.
  • Loop (1998) Published in English by Vertical, Inc.
  • Promenade of the Gods  (2003) Published in English by Vertical, Inc.
  • Edge Published in English by Vertical, Inc.
  • Drop Printed on three rolls of toilet paper in Japan in Japanese – and in English in 2012
  • S (2012)
  • Tide (2013)

Short stories Edit

  • Floating Water (1996)
  • Solitary Isle (1996)
  • The Hold (1996)
  • Dream Cruise (1996)
  • Adrift (1996)
  • Watercolors (1996)
  • Forest Under the Sea (1996)
  • Coffin in the Sky (1999)
  • Lemonheart (1999)
  • Happy Birthday (1999)

Collections Edit

  • Dark Water  (1996) (includes an original framing story)
  • Birthday (1999)

Films adapted from his works Edit