Nensha (念写) or "thoughtography" is a psychic power possessed by all incarnations of Sadako who used it to create the images on the Cursed Videotape. Sadako's mother Shizuko Yamamura also may have possessed Nensha, but hers was less destructive and more closely related to ESP. Reiko Asakawa, Ryuji Takayama and Yoichi Asakawa also possessed powers akin to Nensha. Yoichi's powers actually manifested into Nensha in Ring 2, due to Sadako's influence. A teenager named Masami Kurahashi who saw Sadako kill Tomoko also developed nensha in Ring 2. It thus appears that Sadako can indirectly give nensha to people who sees her or are in contact with her in some way.


Nensha allows the user to see visions of the future or of past events and to see ghosts. The user can also use it to move objects telekinectically and may kill people using nensha, although the consequences of using the latter option can be vast (Sadako was split into two people after using it). Sadako could also use it for healing, although her twin mostly used it to kill. When the two merged and were reborn as an onryou, Sadako created the Cursed Videotape so she could curse people with Nensha and kill them, although now they could complete specific requirements to avoid dying. Sadako's power was also limited to people who watched the tape.

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