Okazaki is a secondary character in Ring and Ring 2 he is played by Yurei Yanagi.


The first appearence was in an interview with Reiko about the urban legend of the tape. Soon after, Okazaki gives information of where Tomoko and his friends stayed. He is not seen after all

RINGU 2 Edit

Okazaki plays a bigger role than in the first movie. In this he helps Mai Takano in search of the disappearance of Reiko, during the investigation he interviews a girl named Kanae Sawaguchi. Later, Kanae calls him to give a copy of the tape, before Sadako kill her, Okazaki watches the tape, he sees Kanae's interview and realize that she turned into a vengeful ghost and gets mad. He goes to the same asylum as Masami and sees Kanae's ghost.


  • He and Mai play bigger roles than the first film
  • Him fate is unknow after the going to asylum, but is probably he was killed by Kanae's ghost
  • Yurei Yanagi the actor that played Okazaki, also did a similar role in Ju-On: The Curse, the prequel of Ju-On series