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Ring: The Final Chapter is a horror television series based on the Ring film series based on the books by Koji Suzuki.


Asakawa is a journalist. He is witness to the strange death of a biker. Later this day, he learned that his niece Tomoko died suddenly of heart failure at the same time as the biker .So, he decide to go to the cottage where Tomoko and three of those friends were Then, he find a videotape and watch it. The curse is going on, now.[1]


  • "The Seal is Now Solved"
  • "Killed by a Videotape"
  • "Someone is Watching..."
  • "A Virus of Silence"
  • "The Dead Person Who Was Reborn"
  • "A New Person with Supernatural Power"
  • "Sadako Will Appear Tonight"
  • "Someone Will Die When the Curse is Solved"
  • "Planned Memory"
  • "Sadako's Revival"
  • "Ryuji Takayama Dies"
  • "The Curse Was Not Lifted. The Thirteenth Day, a New Dead Person Destroys the World"