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The Well is considered to be Sadako's home or a grave to her. Sadako was thrown there after she got brained by her father. The Well has a crack on its edge and it is not used until now. 


Ring (1998 film)

In Ring, the well was located under the cabin B4 where Tomoko and her friends found the tape and watch it. When Reiko and Ryuji sneak under the cabin, the well was sealed and they try to find the body of Sadako. When Reiko went down to the well, Sadako grabbed Reiko's arm and her head slowly rises. She rips the skin of Sadako's head and it appears to be the corpse was now in a skeleton form.

Ring 2

In Ring 2, Mai and Yoichi was transported down the well after the incident from the pool. There, Mai found Ryuji in the well and he tells them to climb up. When Mai and Yoichi climbed up the well, Sadako raised her head and climbs the well, chasing them both. Sadako grabs the rope and asks Mai that why are they the only ones who are saved then she fell down back to the well.

Ring 0

In Ring 0, the well was seen when Ikuma was about to kill Sadako. He brained Sadako with a machete knife and he throws her to the well and slowly seals her. Sadako was sealed alive in the well for 30 years. She died before Tomoko and her friends watched the tape.


In Sadako, the area where the well is was now an abandoned shopping mall. It is unknown what happened to Cabin B4. The well was still there but deep down the well, there are countless of Sadako mutants are there. Not only mutants but women with white dress where Kashiwada throw them.


  • In the 1995 film version of Ring, the well appears to be square.
  • The seal for the well in Sadako was changed to wood instead of cement.
  • In Ring 2, the well is very deep.